Non-Nuclear Density Meters For Slurry

Who We Are?

Alia Instruments is a producer of process control equipment in various markets. The Alia Density Meters (ADMs) are used for the continuous density control of different slurries in many applications. These processes are often characterized as challenging processes due to their abrasive or corrosive characteristics.

For many years, there was no option available other than using gamma radiation to measure these slurries from outside the pipe. However, with the inception of Alia Instruments, customers now have a sustainable alternative to control and optimize their processes.

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Our Story

We started Alia Instruments with a clear goal in mind: providing users with a non-nuclear density meter , based on a straightforward gauging principle, and built from industry standard components.

Our engineering is the result of an innovative reconfiguration of trusted elements, technology that has proven itself in countless applications and conditions. We believe that what makes a reliable and accurate device is a comprehensive design that keeps matters simple.

Made to Measure

Alia Instruments is a technology leader, focused solely on our density meter. We aim to become, and remain, the market leader in non-nuclear density meters. This means that the company is in constant development to further improve the meter and make it even more adaptable to the applicable processes. Our meter strives to be the most suitable solution offering sustainable production maximization to each and every one of our customers. We believe that as long as we maintain this focus, we will progressively achieve all of our targets. Learn More

A non-nuclear device

When visiting production sites or dredging vessels, no matter where in the world, we would invariably notice the presence of a nuclear density meter. And often the operators / crew had their reservations about them. The radiation made them feel uncomfortable and what’s more, the inherent lag in this gauging method caused loss of production, a costly deficiency that can add up over the months. Learn More

Regional roots, global reach

The company owes this philosophy as much to our founders as to our geographical location: Twente, a region of The Netherlands that emphasizes its entrepreneurial and tech-minded ethos. Helped by a provincial government Twente has managed to attract many investors, young and talented entrepreneurs, and developers of disruptive technology. Learn More

Our story has just begun

On a national level our company is part of an expansive and dynamic maritime infrastructure. Historically Dutch shipbuilders, instrument makers, and cartographers have been world leaders in technological innovation and expertise. This concentration of craftsmanship and maritime know-how transformed the Dutch Republic into a formidable naval power four centuries ago. Today, the Dutch government, aware of this seafaring heritage, is actively promoting her industry. Learn More


The innovative non-nuclear Alia Density Meter (ADM) for slurries offers:
    • » Non-nuclear density measurement
    • » A simple, reliable, and robust product
    • » Easy installation; no need for external commissioning engineers
    • » An immediate signal, showing actual values
    • » Measurement of all materials
    • » Easy integration with existing systems and software
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