The meter can be used in the cementing process, when the cement is brought into the well during or after the drilling process to secure the pipes in the well by filling and sealing the annulus between the drilled hole and the well casing.

If a cementing job is performed well, it will isolate the different layers, stabilize the well, control corrosion, and therefore protect the environment. The consistency of the cement is of the highest importance for a stable well, as well as for preventing gas leakage and possible drinking water contamination.

Bad cementing jobs, which often result from an inconsistent cement mixture, are the number one cause of environmental problems during fracking operations. Therefore, the ADM is essential to maintaining a consistent cement slurry.


The density meter can also be used on blender trucks to help the operators continuously monitor the density of the mixture and consequently the sand consumption during the process. This enables contractors to accurately follow specifications, as well as increase the efficiency of their operations.

Installing density meters on trucks for such processes usually creates specific challenges for the meter. The vibrations from the truck, both while driving and in operation, should be considered. Additionally, the highly abrasive process can pose serious problems for the meter. However, due to the simple and robust design of the ADM, the system can withstand this application.