About Alia Instruments

Alia Instruments is a Dutch-based builder of production monitoring equipment for a variety of industries, serving customers from all over the world.

Alia Instruments began with a clear goal in mind: to redefine industry standards in sustainability, compatibility, and process optimization by providing users with innovative non-nuclear production monitoring solutions, based on a straightforward gauging principle and built from industry-standard components.

Our engineering is the result of an innovative reconfiguration of trusted elements technology that has proven itself in countless applications and conditions. We believe that what makes a reliable and accurate device is a comprehensive design that keeps matters simple.

Made to Measure

Alia Instruments is a technology leader, focused solely on our density meter. We aim to become, and remain, the market leader in non-nuclear density meters. This means that the company is in constant development to further improve the meter and make it even more adaptable to the applicable processes. Our meter strives to be the most suitable solution offering sustainable production maximization to each and every one of our customers. We believe that as long as we maintain this focus, we will progressively achieve all of our targets.

Our Background