Density Meter in the dredging industry

In dredging, production efficiency is supported by what is termed as “production meters”. The production is visualized by the use of a cross needle meter, with input from both a flow meter and a density meter. The combination of both values provides the dredge master with valuable data. Not only does this information contribute to an efficient use of the vessel, but it also assists in avoiding blocked pipelines. In combination with a data logger,the gained information can be used to support the verification of production figures over time.

The ADM was originally developed for the dredging market. Unlike the nuclear alternative, it will provide an accurate and direct reading without any delays, ensuring that the dredge master has immediate control over the process and consequently avoiding losses during the delay period. Furthermore, the meter is developed to work under the tough conditions on board the dredging vessel, where influences from the weather, vibrations, and dredging materials challenge the meter.