Non-nuclear density meters

Alia Instruments is a builder of production monitoring equipment for the maritime and mining industry. Our innovative non-nuclear slurry density meter offers accurate real-time data, allowing clients to truly optimize their production while eliminating the costs of RSO certifications and the disposal of hazardous materials.

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Alia Slurry Density Meter 

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The working principle of the Alia Density Meter (ADM) for slurry is based on the second law of Newton. The Force and Acceleration of the slurry flowing through the full volume of the pipeline is measured. With this a direct and accurate figure for the density is calculated.

It is a very simple method that only needs a simple and robust system. This suits perfectly with the demanding environment and applications in which the ADM is used.

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Made to measure

As a provider of software, robotic, and mechatronic solutions for the dredging industry – with our sister company Imotecour mission has always been service oriented: meeting the operational challenges of our clients with customized applications and comprehensive technical support.

The pragmatic design of the Alia Density Meter is informed by this very same approach: by years of listening to our clients and by closely looking at the day-to-day operations onboard of their ships.

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Monitoring Matters

For companies seeking to optimize their operations, accurate and up-to-the-minute production feedback is indispensable. Jan Peters, co-founder of Alia Instruments, explains why with the next generation of non-nuclear equipment, the benefits of production monitoring...

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Alia Instruments is looking for partners

We are a young fast growing company, active with an innovative product in the field of non-nuclear density measurement for slurry. After a 5 year development path within our sister-company Imotec B.V. the decision was made to deal with this product from a...

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Non-Nuclear, a Clear Choice

  Over the past decades, nuclear density meters have become widely used on board of dredging vessels worldwide. Not because they are particularly highly rated or cost-efficient - their disadvantages are well known - but mostly because of the lack of viable...

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